Monday, 30 July 2012

Dr Zigs Bubble Competition

We've gone bubble crazy here at Gypsy Wood Park this week! We're all excited about a brilliant new competition by the fabulous Doctor Zigs.

Doctor Zigs are a fun-filled local company, producing and supplying giant bubble kits, for hours of fun, bundles of bubbles and loads of silly smiles!

This summer, Doctor Zigs are launching a fantastic new competition, open to all! They want your bubbly-snaps....

All you need to do is visit one of the ten "Bubble Stop" locations, that are scattered around Snowdonia National Park (check the Facebook page here for more details of the locations), then take yourself and your bubbles for a day out anywhere in Snowdonia and snap a picture of your bubbly day! The details are below:

1. Go to one of the ‘Bubble Stops’ in and around the National Park
2. Pick up your Giant Bubble Kit (£10 refundable deposit)
3. Take the Bubbles out and about in Snowdonia for the day.
4. Take pictures of your Giant Bubbles in Snowdonia.
5. Upload your pictures to our Bubble Snowdonia FB page, or email them to
6. Dahdah!! You’re IN!! If you want to can go online to our fb page and vote on your favourite pics – and encourage your friends to vote on your pics!
7. Come and see if you've won a prize at the Snowdonia Arts Festival from 5th-7th October 2012!
 8: Closing date for the competition is 30th September 2012. You can enter up to 5 photographs. There will be several categories: Under 11’s, Under 18’s, Popular vote (most votes gained online), Best Bubble-in-Landscape, and Best Landscape-in-Bubble.

Why not pop over to Gypsy Wood Park for a day out with your bubbles - we'd love to see you here; our pretty park and friendly animals make the perfect backdrop for a prize-winning picture!

Image by Brockenn Inaglory on wikicommons

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