Thursday, 26 July 2012

Alpaca Love

Here at Gypsy Wood Park we're really proud of all of the different animals that live here. It's an honour to be able to work with so many unique characters and funny animals. They all have their own personalities and quirks, and it's always a lot of fun getting to know them.

Some of our cuddliest animals at Gypsy Wood are the pretty Alpacas. They've been with us now for a couple of years, and their thick woolly coats seem to keep them nice and warm in the chilly Welsh weather!

Alpacas are native to Southern American countries like Peru, Chille and Bolivia. Over there they are used mostly for their furry coats -  Alpaca wool is used like Sheep's wool is here in Wales, to make things like coats, blankets, jumpers, socks, scarves and quilts. There are 16 different colours of natural Alpaca wool, but of course, it can be died to make many more!

Alpaca Wool
image by Damast on wiki commons

Alpacas are related to the llama family, but unlike llamas, they are too small to be used as pack animals for carrying heavy loads.

Our Alpacas love to munch on grass and leaves, and they absolutely love their daily walks and feed times.

Come over to Gypsy Wood Park and make friends with our lovely Alpacas!

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