Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Baby Talk

Coochie coooooooooooo.... is the noise lots of us make when we see the bundle of a newborn baby, or maybe a tiny tickle under the chin or a stroke of their soft hair? Well, it turns out that gorillas aren't so different from us after all! 

Last month saw a breakthrough in a study about how gorillas communicate when scientists noticed that adult gorillas use lots of different touches and non-vocal forms of communication when they interacted with their young. These non-vocal ways of interacting include touching faces and signaling with arms and legs.

The discovery is important because it could help us to understand much more about how human communication has evolved so much. So next time you tickle a baby's tummy, think back to our gorilla ancestors!

You can read the whole story and see some pictures here

Image by Broken Inaglory on wikicommons

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