Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Happy Christmas

Hello to all our lovely blog readers! Time has flown by since the park closed in September, but you'll be pleased to know that all the animals are having a well-deserved rest and a pamper.

So, first of all, we'd like to announce our very special Wish Winner for 2013. All year, visitors to the park have been writing down their wishes and leaving them for the Fairy Godmother. One lucky little person will get their wish come true. And this year, the winner is........... Livi-Boe Cutts. A big well done to you, we'll be in touch soon!

In other news, we are thrilled to announce that our resident Turkey Mr.Gobble came 2nd in the biggest National Poultry Show at Stoneleigh Park in October 16-17th. Also, our beautiful little Sultan chicken Mini-Bobby took part in her first poultry club show on the 1st December, and came a whopping 2nd! Well done Mini-Bobby!

Big Bobby would like to let everybody know that he is really loving his well earned winter break in his nice cosy stable. He's getting plenty of treats and warm meals, and chilling out with his friends that are waiting to meet you all next year.

Although the park is closed and the animals are snoozing, there's not a lot of rest for the Gypsy Wood staff! Next year is our 10th anniversary year so it's going to be a pretty special one and we are starting the preparations for the celebrations already! Work has already started on the brand new train that'll be arriving next year, and that's just one of the plans we have up our sleeve, so watch this space for more info and come and join us in 2014 for a very special year!

So, the last thing to say is that we hope everybody has a very happy Christmas and a jolly good New Year. Thanks you to all our customers and friends for your support, and we hope to see you all next year.

With lots of love and festive cheer from all the Animals, Fairy Queen and friends and staff at Gypsy Wood Park. 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Exciting News

Hello to all our lovely blog readers; yep, you've guessed it, it's Bobby (and Mini-Bobby) here again. Well, how are you all? Hope you've been practising the chicken boogie? Because you'll never get to be a proper Sultan chicken like me if you can't do the boogie, so best get those hips shimmying.....

Anyway, have we got some fantastic news for you this week! Gypsy Wood Park is so PROUD to announce we've now got our very own prize winning turkey! Mr Gobble was the star of the Flint and Denbigh show a few weeks ago and he was awarded the Reserve Show Champion! Yay, go Mr Gobble. We all knew he was a handsome turkey, but the awards just take the drumstick really. We couldn't be more thrilled; I did a special chicken-boogie just for Mr Gobble all around his pen. He loved it!

Here's me and Mini-Bobby checking out Mr Gobble's prize haul!

Next year, maybe they'll have a Sultan Chicken category, and then Bobby and Mini-Bobby will have our very own stash of shiny ribbons and certificates (because of course, we're bound to win). Mr Gobble is back at Gypsy Wood now, recovering from his 5 minutes of fame. He'd love to meet you all so pop along and see him, although he still hasn't quite got the hang of an autograph yet, but maybe he'll keep practising......

Lots of other news at Gypsy Wood this week too. We've really been enjoying the beautiful sunny weather, and all the beautiful sunny visitors too. It's been so lovely to see you all, thanks for coming to see us. Sam told me to tell you that we're closing for the end of the season on the 8th September - but that's AGES away, so plenty of time for you to see Bobby and Mini-Bobby before then!

And one last thing for Bobby to do (see, I didn't forget) and that's to wish our beautiful friend Annie a very happy birthday this week. Can you believe that she's 5 years old already? It's her birthday on the 28th August, and we bet she'll be getting extra walks and treats and toys to celebrate. Happy Birthday Annie, lots of love from Bobby, Mini-Bobby and all the Gypsy Wood Animals

Happy Birthday Annie!

Well, that's all from Bobby and Mini-Bobby this week. I promised Sam I'd help her put up Mr Gobble's certificates (I just like looking at them really...., so proud!) and then I'm gonna teach Mini-Bobby some new boogie moves. 

Take care lovely blog readers, and see you all sooooooooooooon!! Love from Bobby xx x 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hello, Bobby here!!

A big helloooooo to all our lovely blog readers; it's Bobby here again! It's been SUPER busy here at Gypsy Wood Park for the past couple of weeks, but I thought I better take 10 minutes to sit down and scribble this blog post, so you all know what Mini-Bobby and I have been up to recently. And wow, have we been on some adventures lately!

I've been pretty busy introducing Mini-Bobby to all the other animals at Gypsy Wood. I took him to meet Simba the pony and the other horses, and we had a ball! We danced around the field, and Simba was laughing and laughing at us. I don't think he quite knew what to make of us both, boogy-ing around the paddock!

And that's the other thing we've been up to; I've been teaching Mini-Bobby to dance the chicken-boogie - it's essential! And do you know what; he's so good at it, he's a total natural! Which is a good thing really because to take after me and be a hero Sultan Chicken, you've got to be good at the chicken-boogie. I showed him a few moves across the field, and he soon got the hang of it; GO Mini-Bobby!

I also took him to meet our beautiful Fairy Princess. Wow, I'd forgotten how pretty she is; and Mini-Bobby was lost for words. It was so lovely to meet her and she gave us both a big cuddle. We each made a wish too, but shhhhhhh, of course I can't tell you what it was or it'll never come true. But yes, you're right if you guess it was something to do with worms...... hehehehe!

Well, that's all from me and Mini-Bobby for now. He would come and say hello, but he's just headed off to see if he can find Simba the pony for a bedtime story before he hits the hay. And I have to say, all this hard work is exhausting, so I won't be far behind him! Nosda everyone, and we'll be back with more adventures soon!

Lots of chicken love Bobby (and Mini-Bobby) xx x x

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Gypsy Wood's Beautiful Fairy Queen

If you come to visit Gypsy Wood Park during the summer holidays, there'll be an extra special treat for you! Our beautiful Fairy Queen is back at the park on the 23rd July.

At the moment, she's just getting ready for a busy summer of meeting you all - she loves to meet new friends, and hear your wishes; if you whisper them quietly they'll try their best to make them come true!

Our beautiful Fairy Queen

Did you know?
The Fairy Queen's favourite colour is pink!
The Fairy Queen is sometimes joined by the Fairy Princess, and they look after all the little fairies in Gypsy Wood Park; they make sure they're all happy and safe.
The Fairy Princess's favourite thing to eat is cake, yum!
The Fairy Queen and Princess always eat their vegetables and make sure they get lots of sleep to make sure they stay beautiful!

We think our Fairy Godmothers are pretty special, so see if you can find their woodland hide-away and come and say hello - it's among the Gypsy Wood trees!

Our friends Bobby and Mini-Bobby have already been to meet the Fairy Princess. It was love at first peck!

The Fairy Queen will be at Gypsy Wood Park from the 23rd July on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. For more information about the park, see www.gypsywood.co.uk

Monday, 22 July 2013

Bobby's Blog

Hello everyone! It's Bobby the chicken here again. How are you all? I bet you're enjoying the lovely sunny weather aren't you? Us Sultan chickens quite like the sunshine, but Sam who looks after me keeps reminding me to go in the shade so I don't burn my feathers - they are really light so I bet I could get easily sunburnt. I don't think suntan lotion is very good for chickens, but you humans mustn't forget to slap it on when you're out in the sunshine, we don't want any red noses and ears do we?

So what have you all been up to? I've had a great couple of weeks in the sunshine - I've been dancing around in the garden (I love to dance!), keeping cool in the veg patch and resting up my poorly foot. It's nearly healed now, so Sam says I can come back to Gypsy Wood and see you all any day soon; I'm pretty excited about that!

I remember in my last blog post I promised I'd introduce you to my new best buddy, Mini Bobby. He's just like me, but he's a baby Sultan chicken - he's only six weeks old and he is super cute, even if I do say so myself. Heyyyyyy Mini-Bobby, come over here for a minute, are you going to say hello? Mini-Bobby's been exploring around the garden this morning, and I can't get him back inside; he's a mischievous little chicken (can't think who he learns that from...!)

Mini-Bobby's first day outside!

Mini-Bobby was born in a tiny chicken incubator at the beginning of the summer, and we were all really excited when he finally did burst out of his shell. Sam told me that I have to show him how to be a proper chicken so that he'll grow up to be as big and as beautiful as me one day. So, when he was old enough and steady on his little legs I took him out into the garden and showed him all around the best places to hide, the best place to find worms and the best place to have an early morning chicken boogie (it's by the veg patch under the lilies, in case you're wondering). Phew, Mini-Bobby was tired after that day, and he slept like a log that night, all night through!

Mini-Bobby at just 3 weeks old; awwww cute!

The next time we went into the garden I asked Sam if we could play with the wheelbarrow, so she got it out of the big shed for us and we jumped in it and on it all morning! And when we asked her really nicely, Sam took us for a spin around the garden; wow that was exciting, we went so fast. Mini-Bobby had to hold on to his feathers!! Next week I'm going to teach Mini-Bobby my favourite thing of all - how to dance! He can't be a proper Sultan chicken if he can't do the chicken-boogie.

Wheelbarrow fun!

Anyway, I've got to go now - I should go and find Mini-Bobby before he gets into any trouble, or Sam won't be happy. Mini-Bobby's old enough to come and meet you all at Gypsy Wood now, so he'll be there to say hello. He can't wait to see you!

'Till the next time, bye for now...

Bobby xx x

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Hello from Bobby!

Hello to all our lovely blog readers. My name's Bobby and I'm one of the cutest chickens in Wales. I live in Gypsy Wood Park, and I LOVE it there. I've lived there all my life, and I'm nearly a whole year old now. My animal carer Sam told me I should write this blog post so you can all read about my life at the park and what us Sultan chickens get up to every day.

At the moment I'm staying with Sam, in her fabulous big, green garden, and I just love exploring every nook and cranny. My favourite place to hang out is in the flower beds with the lillies, but I have to be careful cos if I trample on one, Sam isn't best pleased! I like helping Sam with all the gardening chores, and sometimes if I've been good she takes me for a ride on the wheelbarrow - wow, we go so fast!

Every day, Sam looks after me and feeds me my corn and food pellets. And if I've been extra good I get some treats - meal-worms, bread and some leftover veggies from the veg patch, yum I could eat them all day! If I've been playing a bit too much in the mud and digging out all the tasty worms to eat Sam cleans my foot feathers to keep them sparkling white. They look really fluffy and groomed; they are naturally like that but they need a lot of TLC to make sure they stay looking so good - Sam says I'm high maintenance!! I get pampered once a week to make sure my feathers, my feet and my nails stay in tip-top condition. I like hugs from Sam the best though, and I always giggle when she tickles me under the chin, Yeah, I know - I'm one spoilt chicken!

I'm not at Gypsy Wood yet because all of my garden adventures have given me a sore foot! Anyway, I'm getting well fast and enjoying the lush green grass in Sam's garden, but I'll be back at the park and ready to meet you all in just two weeks.

Here's a picture of my new friend -Mini Bobby.

He's a beautiful Sultan chicken just like me, but he's only a baby - he's just a month old! But I'm pretty sure he's going to grow up to be as big and as beautiful as I am - especially if he eats his worms and his veggies. So don't forget to check back soon for more of Bobby and Mini-Bobby's adventures (I've been showing him all around the garden!). Mini-Bobby is at Gypsy Wood Park right now, so you can pop in and say hello, he'd love to see you!

Did you know that us Sultan chickens have come all the way from Turkey? Our breed was first brought to the UK in 1854 - over 150 years ago, phew! I'm not that old yet!

Monday, 17 June 2013


Well, the 2013 season is finally here! Here at Gypsy Wood Park we're really excited to be open again for the summer. So far we've had plenty of rain to keep the trees and plants happy, and we've even had some sunshine to keep us and the animals happy, and nice and warm! A lot of the animals love to sunbathe (just like us) so they have big smiles on their little faces when the sun comes out.

This year, we'd also like to welcome our new animals to Gypsy Wood - hello to our gorgeous little Fallabella horses. These dinky animals are the world's smallest horses, and are rarely over about 80cm tall. They originate from South America and are named after the famous horse breeder Juan Falabella. Here at Gypsy Wood our stunning white Falabella is called Hooner and a gorgeous brown one called Denver. 

A bit different to horses but we also have two fabulous yellow-bellied terrapins here this year too. They were  given to us by a local school after they got too big for their tank! So now they have a cosy new tank here at Gypsy wood, with everything they need. They are called Jack and Jill.

So, let's give our new animals a great bit welcome! We look forward to seeing you soon to say hello to them, and all the animal residents both old and new. See you soon.

Gypsy Wood Park is open every day from 10:30am to 5:00pm. For more information and how to find us, don't forget to check out website at www.gypsywood.co.u