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Gypsy Wood park was created more by accident than design, back in 1997 when a friend of John and Christine Evans asked them if they would care for a little horse called Simba that had been born with deformed legs.

After some lengthy operations on his legs by the local vet, Simba pulled through and John and Christine gave him a happy home in the fields next to their house. John and Christine had been in the licensing industry for most of their careers and didn't have much knowledge of horses, but with a lot of love and commitment, and a little time the pair bonded with Simba and he quickly became part of the family.

It was soon time for Simba to have some play-mates, so John and Christine welcomed a couple of Shetland into the family, and the idea behind Gypsy Wood was born! In 2004, the gates to the new park opened, and it was a huge success, with big and little kids alike.

Today, Gypsy Wood Park is set in 20 acres of beautiful woodland in the foothills of the Snowdonia National Park. It is home not just to Simba, but to lots of his animal friends, including miniature donkeys, Ouessant sheep (the smallest sheep in the world!), pygmy goats, alpacas, pot bellied pigs, ducks, rabbits, mice and ferrets.

As well as the animal paddocks there is a beautiful miniature train, a woodland walk and the Gypsy Wood fairies - all waiting to be discovered at Gypsy Wood Park.

At Gypsy Wood we aim to spread a little happiness and enchantment. Our success is not measured by pounds and pennies but by the hearts we have touched.

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