Friday, 6 July 2012

Simba's Story

Hello to all our lovely new Gypsy Wood Park blog readers!

Christine told me she's really excited about the new Gypsy Wood blog, and when she asked me to introduce myself, I've been really thinking hard about what to tell you all.

But I think some of you might already know me! I'm Simba the pony and I've been living here at Gypsy Wood Park for a long time; as long as I can remember anyway. I was born 15 years ago (Christine says that time flies, but I don't know about that. I do know that I can munch through a buckets of carrot pretty quickly, but they don't usually fly...) and when I was born my little legs wouldn't work properly.

Christine and John agreed to adopt me and give me a happy home. I remember a nice vet called Dewi came to look at my legs and he fixed them for me so that I could run around the field so the farrier couldn't catch me. I wasn't keen on having my hooves trimed, and I told Christine that I'd only chat to the farrier if he had some carrots - they're my absolute favourite. Now I love seeing him, because he's always got a full bucket of munchy carrot sticks for me.

Christine and John soon brought me some friends to play with. They were bigger than me but I could still keep up with them when we were all playing in the field. My collection of playmates got bigger and bigger, and so Christine and John decided to open their fields up to show us off to the world.

And that, Christine tells me, is how Gypsy Wood Park was born, back in 2004. She says it all started with me! That makes me pretty special, don't you think?

I've got loads and loads of friends now like alpacas, pigs, rabbits and goats, and the beautiful fairy godmothers. 

Why don't you come down to the woods today to see who you can spot? Look out for me at Gypsy Wood Park because I love to make new friends!

See you soon,

love and carrots


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