Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Gypsy Wood's Fairy Godmothers

One of the highlights for a lot of visitors to Gypsy Wood Park is the chance to meet our beautiful Fairy Queen and Princess.

Our resident Fairy Queen and Fairy Princess love to meet new friends, and hear your wishes; if you whisper them quietly, they'll try their best to make them come true!

Our beautiful Fairy Queen

Did you know?
The Fairy Queen's favourite colour is pink!
The Fairy Queen and the Fairy Princess look after all the little fairies in Gypsy Wood Park; they make sure they're all happy and safe.
The Fairy Princess's favourite thing to eat is cake, yum!
The Fairy Queen and Princess always eat their vegetables and make sure they get lots of sleep to make sure they stay beautiful!

We think our Fairy Godmothers are pretty special, so see if you can find their woodland hide-away and come and say hello - it's among the Gypsy Wood trees!

Due to a hectic schedule, the Gypsy Wood Park Fairy Godmothers aren't here every single day.  They are here on weekend days, and a few days during the week. If you are visiting especially to meet them, then please telephone to confirm the days she'll be present.

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