Friday, 9 September 2016

End of Season 2016

Hello everyone! Betty the Guinea Pig here with another blog update for all my lovely friends......
Well, well, well! It's the end of the 2016 season already, where has the time flown to? Our last day of opening will be the 11th September, so only a couple of days to go; can you believe that, my lovely Gypsy Wood friends? And what a fantastic season it's been for me and all my animal and human friends. Debbie and her family have survived their first season here at Gypsy Wood, and I think they've done a brilliant job. High five paws to them!
Our other humans have been doing pretty well too - Gethin passed his driving test (well done Gethin!), and lots and lots of them had great exam results (except for Cai who promises to do better next year). And of course, Darleen, who serves up all the wonderful treats and teas in our cafe, is going back to university this September and we wish her the very best of luck. Good luck Darleen, from me and all your friends here at Gypsy Wood. We'll miss you!
Darleen actually made me laugh and laugh the other day when she was telling me a really funny story - she woke up with a start at 6:30 one morning because she thought she'd forgotten to phone the bakery with the order for that day. So she leapt out of bed to call them with the order. They thought she was going mad, because of course she'd phoned them the day before - it was all in her dreams that she hadn't. Silly billy Darleen, but that did make me laugh. She'll be glad to get back to university for a rest, haha!
And of course there have been lots of great new additions to the park this year - some of the new activities include the trampolines, the tunnels, duck racing, the play sand pit and giant games like chess board, jenga and kaplunk. They've all been really popular too, and it's been great to see you all having so much fun.

There have been animal additions too - we had a new baby canary called Lemon, awwww what a cutie she is. And of course a new human - Witch Mo became a Nain to the gorgeous John Caio. Congratulations Mo! And another one on the way - Alwena is due to give birth to a baby boy in December. We wish her all the very best and we can't wait to meet your little one at the end of the year.
Don't forget to keep and eye out on our Facebook page to find out who will win the Trainspotting Quiz and the Make my Wish Come True competition. The results will be posted very soon.
We've had so many lovely people visiting us this year. A HUGE thank you to everyone who's come to see us. Thanks for your continued support and a big thank you to all the new visitors and lovely reviews you've written for us. We really appreciate it, and it certainly makes all the hard work worthwhile.

And finally, a huge thank you to our team of hardworking and loyal staff who make Gypsy Wood what it is - a magical place to visit and for all of us animals to live. Apparently Debbie and Gafyn are taking us all out on the last day of the season to celebrate, and to show their appreciation to us all. Sorry, what's that - they're not taking us animals? Just the staff and fairies..... oh, well, that's gratitude for you! I better have some extra tasty leaves in my bowl tomorrow instead.
So, that's about all from me for now, but don't forget to stay tuned for exciting updates about next season - there will be plenty going on and lots more fun and games. We can't wait to see you all again soon.
Lots of love,
Betty xx xx

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