Thursday, 23 March 2017

Hello 2017 Season!

Wow! Can you believe it? It’s Betty the Guinea Pig here because it’s time to say a BIG hello to all our lovely blog readers and visitors again. We are opening in just 3 days’ time – wow! Did you miss us over the winter months? Because we definitely missed you.

I’d like to say it’s been very quiet and boring here on the park without you all, but sadly it hasn’t. What with all of us animals being treated to a lovely Christmas dinner, and then the sound of Gafyn’s tools banging and hammering away. All the humans have been pretty busy getting some amazing new attractions ready for you all, least of all a brand new café – wow, it’s looking pretty good. And I’ve been assured there’s no baked Guinea Pig on the menu – just lots of lovely cakes, sandwiches, coffees, ice creams and treats. Delicious – I’ll see you all there.

As well as the café we’ve got some fun new play tunnels, a new undercover play area in the old café and the fairy princess has a beautiful new home. We have been busy with lots of new projects, but we’ve also been pretty busy entertaining new guests too. Some of you might have popped to see us just before Christmas so you’ll know that we had a super special visitor – Father Christmas dropped in to stay with us for a few days to meet some of you, and he told me that he absolutely loved it and can’t wait to come back next year! Which is great – it was the first time Gypsy Wood opened for Christmas but we all had loads of fun and it was brilliant to see everyone. And now that FC has said he’ll come back then it’d be rude not to open for him again wouldn’t it!?!

Another beautiful visitor we had were some gorgeous swans on the lake – another first for us here at Gypsy Wood. I didn’t like to get too close to them, as the goats told me they were pretty hungry and looking for some lunch, but I admired them from afar and they were gorgeous. They’ve carried on their long journey by now though – I expect they were looking for some sunshine over the cold winter months (definitely none of that here, haha!).

Well, I’d better get back to it – all the animals are under strict instructions to make their beds nice and tidy ready for opening day, and do you know what, I’m not a very tidy Guinea Pig so it takes me a long time! I do try, but I like my straw all over my hutch that way I can be cosy wherever I go…..

All of us here at Gypsy Wood, including our team of new staff, are really excited about the coming season – and excited to see you all again soon! We’ll be open from the 27th March, so don’t forget to come and say hello to Betty and all my friends soon!

Take care, and lots of love and nibbles,
Betty xx

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  1. With such correct English Betty is obviously a product of an exclusive finishing school, especially as it's her second language...all mine ever said was 'Squeeek' but thats Comprehensive education for you lol We're all looking forward to our first visit of the year so see you soon.
    Jim. Lisa and Robert xx