Friday, 23 May 2014

Gypsy Wood Park's new train!

Hello to all our lovely blog readers!

Well, what a busy month it's been for Mini-Bobby and I. We've had our fair share of sunny days so we've been out and about exploring the park again and making new friends. Today though, the rain's coming down and the wind is whistling up in the trees so we're staying warm and cosy inside - at least it gives me a chance to write this blog.

Firstly I must tell you how proud I am of Mini-Bobby. The little one only went and won a brilliant prize at the a local show in nearby Nefyn at the beginning of the month, winning third prize! Awwwww, well done Mini-Bobby; I've taught you well! And yes, we did have a little celebratory chicken boogie when Mini-Bobby got home.....

And we've got lots of other things to tell you about - I musn't forget to write about them, or I'll be in trouble. But it is hard for a little chicken to remember all these things..... Anyway, here goes!

First thing's first is the news about our fantastic new railway. You'll be able to ride on Woody's Train on the Gypsy Wood Railway through part of the park! We're so excited about the new railway and we think you'll love it too. 

The Gypsy Wood Railway is a 10 1/4 " gauge tear drop railway track that runs for almost 1/2 km, starting from our custom built engine shed and station. You'll be able to hop aboard Woody's train, which is powered by a very green and pollution free electric motor. It really is a magical ride, so don't miss it. 

Also, don't forget that our BEST PHOTO competition is now open! Post your best picture from your visit to the park on our Facebook Page and at the end of the season we'll choose a winner. Don't forget that Mini-Bobby and I love having our picture taken so don't forget to snap us!! The winner of the competition will be sent a fabulous family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) for next year. 

And finally (I think!) just to let you all know that this season we will be welcoming some new donkeys to the park! They will be providing donkey rides to our lovely visitors, but don't forget that the donkey rides are run independently of the park (so additional costs might apply). Our lovely donkey handler will be here with her donkeys on many days throughout the holidays (weather permitting - soggy donkeys aren't happy donkeys....). You can contact us to check the days in advance if you want. The donkey rides aren't one to miss boys and girls, cos it is so much fun! Our little donkey Dylan lets me jump on his back for a spin around the field if I'm nice to him and I love it!

Anyway, that's all the news from me and Mini-Bobby I think! The rain has promised to disappear for the weekend so we can get out and do some dancing again - I can't wait! Do pop down and see us at Gypsy Wood Park, we can't wait to meet you.

See you soon, lots of love
Bobby (and Mini-Bobby) xx xx

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