Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Holidays are comin'!

Hello, hello, hello to all our lovely blog readers!
How are you all? I've missed you recently, but I've been so busy getting all the animals ready and prepared that time has just been zooming past so quickly. I haven't had a second to sit down and write to you but I was getting my feathers in such a twist this morning so I thought to myself, "You know what you need to do Bobby, you need to sit down and write a Bobby-blog, that'll make you feel better....." And so that's exactly what I'm doing. And yes, do you know what, I feel chicken boogie-better already.

So, why have I been so busy, I hear you shout! Well, I've been getting everyone ready for the super school holidays! They are sniffingly close, and I am really excited. Go on, you know you are too! There'll be loads of fun to be had at Gypsy Wood Park. I've been busy testing out all the new additions at the park like the fab mini-digger, the diddy cars, the colourful play caravans and I can report that they are all BRILLIANT fun!

And like I said, I've been super busy making sure all my buddies are ready for the busy holidays. You can see me trying to gee-up Toby and Ollie, and they told me that they are pretty excited about doing all the donkey rides this summer. They love to see lots of smiles! 

So what else is going on? We've got all the usual animal activities, like donkey grooming, we've got our amazing new train to ride on, we've got face painting* and don't forget that our beautiful Fairy Queen or Princess will be here most days (but check before you come if you really want to see her!). AND you'll have the chance to meet the stars of our blog, yours truly Bobby, and our hero Simba the horse.
Oooooo I was so excited about everything that is going to be happening during the holidays, that I nearly forgot to tell you about my new friend Mr Frizzle! Isn't he cuuuuuute? He's got a lot to learn, but I reckon we'll be great mates!

And one other exciting piece of news is that last week we passed our Visit Wales tourism assessment, again, yay! So we are all celebrating with a boogie tonight!

Right friends, I must dash. We've got two birthdays this month - Socks and Sangria, the ponies - and I'm practicing a special birthday boogie just for them so I better get rehearsing. Most people just make a cake, but hey, most people aren't Bobby.
Love and boogies to you all my fabulous friends. Don't forget to come and see us all here soooooooooooon.
Bobby xx xx
*(could be an additional charge as are run by independent operators) 

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