Friday, 11 April 2014

Gypsy Wood Park is Open!

Hello to all our lovely blog readers!

It's Bobby here again, you remember me don't you!! Well, have you missed me? I have certainly missed writing to you every week and telling you all about my adventures, but don't you worry I've got loads of tales to about my winter holidays. Although there's no time today because I know I've got to tell you something very important.....if only my little brain could remember just what it was. Ummmmm....

Oh YES! That's it, we are now OPEN for the 2014 season!!! How exciting is that? I've been doing my little dance all week because my feet won't stay still and Mini-Bobby thinks I've gone quite mad.

So it looks like my winter holidays are over for now, which is quite sad isn't it - I was enjoying being a chicken of leisure, but never mind, plenty to tell you when I have the time, and I'm also pretty excited about seeing you all and  hearing the sounds of the park all bustling and busy again.

2014 is our tenth anniversary, which is pretty special and quite a long time (longer than I've been dancing anyway). So to celebrate this special year we've been very busy building a new Woody train ride here at Gypsy Wood. I've been lucky enough to have a sneak preview and it is absolutely brilliant, I can't wait to get my feathers on it! The shiny new carriage will be with us for Easter weekend, what a great present for the Easter bunny, but till then we've borrowed a lovely one so you'll be able to test out the new ride!

Apart from that, all the animals are well and happy, and are really looking forward to seeing their old friends and meeting some new ones. My best buddy Mini-Bobby says a big hello and says he can't wait to show you his dance moves (we've been practicing) and Simba the pony sends his love too.

So, do come and see us soon, and check out the new ride, it's going to be brilliant. And I'll be back soon with some more adventures and news from all of us animals here at Gypsy Wood Park.

Apparently you can find out loads of info about our opening times, prices and where to find us on the website - you can click here.

See you sooooooooooooooooooooooooon,

Lots of love from Bobby xx xx

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