Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Gypsy Wood's Train

Choo Choo, all aboard!!

When you visit Gypsy Wood Park, you won't want to miss our fabulous outdoor railway.

Gypsy Wood's brilliant Railway was designed and built in 2004, but is has been extended and altered a lot since then. The railway is one of Gypsy Wood's most popular attractions.  

The scale is approximately 1:22.5 and it runs on a 45mm gauge track. It was made for us by a specialist company in Germany, although over the years the staff have added and built some items for us.

The track lay runs for over 500 meters over eight different circuits. Our trains cover some impressive distances over a season - the train on the main circuit choo-choos almost 8 miles a day, which adds up to about 54 miles a week - that's a lot of miles in a whole summer season!

The railway is old fashioned and simple, because it isn't controlled by computers or wi-fi, but by a big range of traditional railway controllers. It makes it easy to fix a problem, but there are what seems like miles and miles of wire!

If you visit Gypsy Wood Park, take a snap of you by the railway, pop it on our facebook page (click here) and we'll put our favourites up on the blog!

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