Thursday, 4 July 2013

Hello from Bobby!

Hello to all our lovely blog readers. My name's Bobby and I'm one of the cutest chickens in Wales. I live in Gypsy Wood Park, and I LOVE it there. I've lived there all my life, and I'm nearly a whole year old now. My animal carer Sam told me I should write this blog post so you can all read about my life at the park and what us Sultan chickens get up to every day.

At the moment I'm staying with Sam, in her fabulous big, green garden, and I just love exploring every nook and cranny. My favourite place to hang out is in the flower beds with the lillies, but I have to be careful cos if I trample on one, Sam isn't best pleased! I like helping Sam with all the gardening chores, and sometimes if I've been good she takes me for a ride on the wheelbarrow - wow, we go so fast!

Every day, Sam looks after me and feeds me my corn and food pellets. And if I've been extra good I get some treats - meal-worms, bread and some leftover veggies from the veg patch, yum I could eat them all day! If I've been playing a bit too much in the mud and digging out all the tasty worms to eat Sam cleans my foot feathers to keep them sparkling white. They look really fluffy and groomed; they are naturally like that but they need a lot of TLC to make sure they stay looking so good - Sam says I'm high maintenance!! I get pampered once a week to make sure my feathers, my feet and my nails stay in tip-top condition. I like hugs from Sam the best though, and I always giggle when she tickles me under the chin, Yeah, I know - I'm one spoilt chicken!

I'm not at Gypsy Wood yet because all of my garden adventures have given me a sore foot! Anyway, I'm getting well fast and enjoying the lush green grass in Sam's garden, but I'll be back at the park and ready to meet you all in just two weeks.

Here's a picture of my new friend -Mini Bobby.

He's a beautiful Sultan chicken just like me, but he's only a baby - he's just a month old! But I'm pretty sure he's going to grow up to be as big and as beautiful as I am - especially if he eats his worms and his veggies. So don't forget to check back soon for more of Bobby and Mini-Bobby's adventures (I've been showing him all around the garden!). Mini-Bobby is at Gypsy Wood Park right now, so you can pop in and say hello, he'd love to see you!

Did you know that us Sultan chickens have come all the way from Turkey? Our breed was first brought to the UK in 1854 - over 150 years ago, phew! I'm not that old yet!


  1. My granddaughter Ffion met Bobby and Little Bobby today and had a brilliant time at Gypsy wood Park...she can't wait to come again

  2. We're so glad Ffion had a great time at Gypsy Wood, and met our resident chicken stars! Look forward to seeing you again soon, from all at Gypsy Wood xx