Monday, 22 July 2013

Bobby's Blog

Hello everyone! It's Bobby the chicken here again. How are you all? I bet you're enjoying the lovely sunny weather aren't you? Us Sultan chickens quite like the sunshine, but Sam who looks after me keeps reminding me to go in the shade so I don't burn my feathers - they are really light so I bet I could get easily sunburnt. I don't think suntan lotion is very good for chickens, but you humans mustn't forget to slap it on when you're out in the sunshine, we don't want any red noses and ears do we?

So what have you all been up to? I've had a great couple of weeks in the sunshine - I've been dancing around in the garden (I love to dance!), keeping cool in the veg patch and resting up my poorly foot. It's nearly healed now, so Sam says I can come back to Gypsy Wood and see you all any day soon; I'm pretty excited about that!

I remember in my last blog post I promised I'd introduce you to my new best buddy, Mini Bobby. He's just like me, but he's a baby Sultan chicken - he's only six weeks old and he is super cute, even if I do say so myself. Heyyyyyy Mini-Bobby, come over here for a minute, are you going to say hello? Mini-Bobby's been exploring around the garden this morning, and I can't get him back inside; he's a mischievous little chicken (can't think who he learns that from...!)

Mini-Bobby's first day outside!

Mini-Bobby was born in a tiny chicken incubator at the beginning of the summer, and we were all really excited when he finally did burst out of his shell. Sam told me that I have to show him how to be a proper chicken so that he'll grow up to be as big and as beautiful as me one day. So, when he was old enough and steady on his little legs I took him out into the garden and showed him all around the best places to hide, the best place to find worms and the best place to have an early morning chicken boogie (it's by the veg patch under the lilies, in case you're wondering). Phew, Mini-Bobby was tired after that day, and he slept like a log that night, all night through!

Mini-Bobby at just 3 weeks old; awwww cute!

The next time we went into the garden I asked Sam if we could play with the wheelbarrow, so she got it out of the big shed for us and we jumped in it and on it all morning! And when we asked her really nicely, Sam took us for a spin around the garden; wow that was exciting, we went so fast. Mini-Bobby had to hold on to his feathers!! Next week I'm going to teach Mini-Bobby my favourite thing of all - how to dance! He can't be a proper Sultan chicken if he can't do the chicken-boogie.

Wheelbarrow fun!

Anyway, I've got to go now - I should go and find Mini-Bobby before he gets into any trouble, or Sam won't be happy. Mini-Bobby's old enough to come and meet you all at Gypsy Wood now, so he'll be there to say hello. He can't wait to see you!

'Till the next time, bye for now...

Bobby xx x

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