Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Christmas!

Well, well, well! Hello everybody! Who can believe that it's Christmas already? Mini-Bobby and I can't, that's for sure! We've been really, really, really good this year so I've asked Santa for a big stocking full of yummy chicken treats. I just hope he remembers to stop in our winter digs this year. We're all warm and cosy in our stable and there's loads of room for us to practice our festive chicken boogies, but we do miss all our fans, so we'll be really excited to start the season again next year. Not many sleeps!

Anyway, Mini-Bobby told me (he's got a very good memory you know, not like my little old chicken brain) that there's lots of things I've got to tell you about today, so I better crack on hadn't I?!

Did you know that our very own Mr Gobble was the fantastic (and well deserved) winner of First Prize at the National Poultry Show in Telford earlier this winter? And not only that, he was awarded the Best Bronze Turkey! Brilliant news Mr Gobble, we are very proud of you. 

And what's next Mini-Bobby? Oh yes, I remember now! I am very excited to be able to announce some very special news here from Gypsy Wood. Earlier in the year we ran a competition for the best picture posted onto our Facebook page. Well, the winner is............ James Donkin, with this beautiful photo of a busy little bumble bee in mid-flight. We try our best here at Gypsy Wood Park to make it a great environment for all sorts of insects but especially the humble bumble bee because they are in need of good homes! We love this picture, so well done James. You win a fabulous family ticket for next year.

And time for another winner! This year's wish winner is Morgan Parry of Anglesey, who wished for a day with the animals. Your wish is our command Morgan, congratulations.

We'll be in touch with our winners to confirm all the details soon!

And we'd also like to say a HUGE thank you to the very special and talented Sharon who paints the mural in our wonderful toilets for us every year. She really is a legend, and makes it possible for us to keep winning the Loo of the Year awards (we were lucky enough to be the winner of the Tourist Attractions category for Wales again this year!). And thanks to all our staff for their hard work in keeping it clean and sparkling and looking tip-top!

In other news (thanks for reminding me Mini-Bobby, but you can stop nudging me in the ribs now thanks....) we are all pretty busy getting the park ready for next season. Haha, well I say we're busy - what I mean is our humans are busy, we're just chillin' out resting our hooves and feet. Well, we did work VERY hard this year. Here's a funny picture of our Pete, literally up to his elbows, making sure our Outdoor Garden Railway is running smoothly! Good ol' Pete.

And just one more bit of excitement - we are hard at work putting up advertising boards at Woody's Railway Station. These twinkly adverts are for local businesses of all types and my humans tell me that thousands of people will see them every year as they jump onto Woody's Train, so it's a smart business move. If you want to advertise your business with us, then give us a shout (contact us at for more details). 

And so, finally, we would just like to wish all our lovely friends and visitors a VERY happy Christmas and a jolly New Year. We hope you have a brilliant time celebrating and that your festive wishes come true. From all of us animals, staff and fairy's at Gypsy Wood Park. 

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