Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Pot Bellied Pigs

Gypsy Wood's Pot Bellied Pigs are some of the happiest pigs we know!

Bluebell and Primrose are both 6 years old and they've been happily living here at Gypsy Wood since they were very little.

Native to Vietnam, these tough little pigs are perfectly suited to the climate here in Wales. They love it when it rains because then they can splash about in the mud to their heart's content!

Did you know....?
..... Pot Bellied Pigs can live to be as old as 30 years!
.... Adults can weigh as much as 200lbs; that's a whopping 14 stone!
....Their hooves and tusks have to be cleaned and trimmed regularly to keep them in good health.

Come and see our happy pigs for yourself, at Gypsy Wood Park, North Wales

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